Tool Manufacturing

Expertise and attention to detail set Thompson Grinders apart when it comes to industrial tool manufacturing. We are the foremost leader in creating specialized CNC manufactured tooling for all types of applications.

Whether it is carbide endmills, carbide drills, specialty carbide step tools or form cutting tools, our knowledge of various applications allows us to manufacture the perfect tool that is right for your specific needs. Let Thompson Grinders create the perfect coolant thru or solid carbide cutting tool that you need to get the job done right.

Resharpening Services

Regardless of the tooling, from basic HSS endmills to complex carbide form cutters, Thompson Grinders has state of the art CNC equipment and expertise to provide the highest quality resharpening services. In addition to our sharpening service, we offer various coatings that work to extend the life of your tool and save you money.

Tool Inspection

Tool accuracy and holding tolerances are the highest priority at Thompson Grinders. With our Zoller inspection and measuring machine, we can give you exact numbers for any lengths, angles, or radius you are looking for with your tooling.

Bore Reamers

Thompson Grinders is the only company in the USA that offers piloted bore reamers. Our method helps stabilize and guides the reamer from start to finish. Our products are all made from solid carbide blanks made in the USA.

Rifling Buttons

Thompson Grinders uses our own unique style of Rifling button. Our rifling buttons are completely ground on CNC machines which insures accurate and repeatable twist rates and groove widths every time. From 1:1 and up, our twist rates are limitless.

Carbide Chamber Reamers

We offer carbide chamber reamers that can be made to order with your own specifications or to SAMMI Standard specifications that are correct every time.

Thompson Grinders Inc. stands behind our products and is trusted by many reputable rifle barrel and gun manufacturers.  If you are searching for a high-end manufacturer, you have found the right company.